Revelation - SIEM as a Service

Get the most out of your security investment with a SIEM

As today's business grow their security awareness and invest in various solutions to protect agaisnt threats the amount of data generated by these technologies grows exponentially.

Wading through these data by hand isn't possible - critical events and information will be missed which can leave your business exposed and vulnerable. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution collects, collates and analyses this data providing actionable intelligence from a sea of information.

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Managed Security Services

Protect your business with a security partner

One in 5 New Zealanders, and 29% of businesses  have been affected by cyber crime in the last year - and this number is only set to rise.
Offical estimates have put the cost to NZ organisations at over $250million worth of damages in the last 12 months alone.

Unfortunately the truth is most small to medium businesses in New Zealand can not afford to protect themselves agaisnt these threats alone - the cost of solutions, products and techincal staff quickly spiral to unaffordable levels.
To address these Advantage have developed a suite of solutions that we bundle into an affordable monthly service designed to provide exceptional protection at an affordable rate.

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Warden - Next generation firewall services


Network Security

Legacy security solutions are often difficult to institute, update, and manage. This generally leads to a lack of focus, and therefore reduced protection for your organisation.

Advantage wants to help you eliminate these issues with a managed next generation firewall solution, designed specifically for New Zealand businesses.


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Secure Email

Spam Protection

Spam costs your business money.

Did you know that 58% of all e-mail sent is classified as spam? With standard spam filters that come with most email clients not being efficient enough to catch this spam, it can be costly to your business. Businesses that don't have an effective spam filter in place, can generate costs up to $700 a year per employee. This is an expense that can easily be avoided with a quality spam protection solution from Advantage.

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