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Reduce your network risk and improve productivity

Legacy security solutions are often difficult to institute, update, and manage. This generally leads to a lack of care, and therefore reduced protection for your organisation.

Advantage wants to help you eliminate these issues with a managed next generation firewall solution, designed specifically for New Zealand businesses.

Warden is a fully managed firewall solution using the latest in Sonicwall active threat protection technology combined with Advantage's Protect team providing an affordable and highly effective gateway solution for your network.

Sonicwall's world class product line delivers:

  • Connectless packet inspection - providing a realtime view into data streams without impacting performance
  • Stateful firewall protection - ensuring that traffic streams are what they appear to be
  • Global threat network coverage - emerging threats are analysed and neturalised within minutes rather than the legacy weeks or months
  • Active threat protection -  Files that users download are run in a sandbox environment to determine their safety before being passed onto the user
  • Content classification - Websites are classified into categories that can be used in business rules to protect your network and staff from content they shouldn't access
  • Secure remote access - SSL based VPN solution providing fast and secure remote access to your network

Warden bundles this technology with the experience and training of the Advantage Protect team. Any technology is only as good as the configuration and maintenance, and Advantage provides:

  • 24/7 monitoring of firewall devices
  • Threat detection and incident support
  • Managed configuration services - Updating of rulesets and configuration to meet business needs and evolving threats
  • Active Directory and Radius intergration services
  • Reporting services


Improve your insights

Revelation and Warden are built together

To take Warden to the next level Advantage's Revelation product provides incredible visibilty into what is happening in, on and to your network.

  • Advanced AI backed detection methods
  • Elastic search engine allowing engineers to trace incidents or events efficiently
  • Collation of Warden data with switch, server and software logs for trend analysis
  • Advanced reporting functions reporting on what you need, when you need



For more information about our security solutions, including Warden, call us today at 06 358 8999.


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